05 June 2024


Renewal is not just a word; it's an essence, a process that breathes life into our spirits. In the serene ambiance of the Holy Cross Spirituality Centre in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, the Renewal Programme 2024 unfolded, inviting Junior Sisters from diverse provinces to embark on a journey of spiritual rejuvenation. Guided by the theme "Be Moulded and Shaped by God," this immersive experience aimed to deepen spiritual connections, foster growth, and ignite a sense of purpose.


The Renewal Month commenced on May 12, 2024, welcoming thirty two Junior Sisters and their formators from six provinces across India. Under the gracious hosting of the Trichy Province, the gathering epitomized the unity and familial spirit of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod. Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Yercaud, the centre provided a picturesque backdrop for introspection and communion with the divine.


Highlights of the Programme:

1. Inauguration and Orientation (May 12, 2024):

The event began with a prayer service led by Sr. Amalorpavam Louis, Junior Mistress of Trichy Province, setting the tone for spiritual immersion.

She provided an insightful orientation, outlining the programme's schedule and objectives.

An ice-breaking session fostered comradeship among the participants, setting the stage for meaningful interactions.

2. Exploration and Inspiration (May 14, 2024):

The day commenced with prayer and Eucharistic celebration, followed by a presentation of Congregational documents and the life of Mother Claudine.

Creative presentation, inspired personal reflection and communal appreciation culminated in silent adoration.

3. Engagement and Enlightenment (May 15 & 16, 2024):

Sisters explored the role of social media in religious engagement on the topic “Religious in the virtual world” facilitated by Rev.Fr. Selva Kumar, SDB.

Dialogue centered on the impact of technology on religious practices, fostering a deeper understanding of virtual religious communities.

4. Empowerment and Enlightenment (May 17&18, 2024):

Fr. Philomine Raj, SJ led sessions on understanding constitutional rights and strategies for safeguarding them.

Interactive discussions and case studies empowered participants to champion constitutional rights in their communities.

5. Feast of the Holy Spirit (May 19, 2024):

The day commenced with the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the guidance of Divine Providence.

Session on “Laudate Deum” led by Sr. Amala Louis focused on the interconnectedness of all life and the divine gift of nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for creation.

6. Exploration of Christian Foundations (May 20-23, 2024):

Sr. Metti Amirtham, SCC covered the topic on “Biblical and Modern Prophets”. The sessions delved into the roots of Christianity, tracing its journey from Judaism to contemporary prophetic traditions.

Group discussions explored the roles of prophets, drawing inspiration from biblical and modern figures.

7. Intensive journal sharing (May 21, 2024):

Reflective reading and journal writing sessions by Sr.Amala Louis provided opportunities for inner growth and discernment of God's will.

Sharing on the Paschal Mystery deepened the connection to God's presence in their lives.

8. Outing and enjoying (May 24, 2024):

A day of enjoyment included visits to the scenic spots and moments of togetherness, being lost in the array of the beauty amidst the flowers and expressing gratitude to the creator.

9. Reflective reading and reviewing (May 25, 2024):

The day's theme centers on spiritual inspiration and the power of literature. Starting with blessings from the Holy Eucharist and an uplifting sermon, participants are encouraged to embrace childlike wonder in their spiritual journey. The focus on intensive reading and journal writing emphasizes books as lifelong companions, sparking creativity and collaborative presentations.

10.Renewal Day: Rekindle, Revitalize and Renew in God’s love. (May 26, 2024):


The recollection talk by Sr. Zeena D’Souza on "Pilgrims and Prophets of Paschal Hope" sets a reflective tone, encouraging personal transformation and commitment to ministry. Twelve sisters from 5 Provinces Trichy, Madurai, Tenali and Pune renewed their vows in the presence of Sr.Lourdu Adaikalsamy, Provincial of the Province of Trichy.

The renewal of vows, highlighted on the theme “Rekindle, Revitalize and Renew in God’s love” of dedication, responsibility, and spiritual growth. The renewal ceremony and subsequent evaluations reinforced the commitment to live a witnessing and joyful religious life.

11. Day of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth (27-29 May 2024)

The final days are dedicated to deep self-exploration through the Enneagram by Fr.Jose Vettom, SDB. Sisters engaged in an enlightening journey to understand their personalities, embrace their strengths, and address their weaknesses. This theme emphasized personal growth, self-awareness, and the pursuit of an integrated and authentic life. It was a deep self-exploration through the Enneagram, focusing on understanding one's inner self and the dynamics of personal interactions. It built on the previous day’s insights and further develops the sisters’ understanding of their own and others' personalities It helped us with our self-discovery with an emphasis on applying new found insights to daily life. Sisters reflected on their personal growth and made resolutions for their integrated life, preparing to carry forward their enhanced self-awareness and personal development.

12. Vision in Focus: “The larger picture” (30, May 2024):

Today, we had the Vision statement presentations by each sister. The presentations were exceptionally well done, with each sister skilfully crafting and outlining her future plans to continue our mission.

In the afternoon, we had the entire evaluation of the programme and gave them gentle reminders followed by a concluding prayer thanking the Lord for the time of togetherness and fruitful sharing. A message was exchanged with the assurance of God’s love.


13. Celebrating Thankfulness (31, May 2024):

“Gratitude allows us to be happy”. We were happy to celebrate our togetherness through a meaningful Eucharistic celebration by Fr. David, CSC.



The Renewal Programme 2024 at the Holy Cross Spirituality Centre was a transformative journey, enriching younger sisters with spiritual insights, communal bonds, and a renewed sense of purpose. Guided by the theme of being “Moulded and shaped by God”, the programme exemplified the essence of growth, renewal, and divine guidance. As sisters departed, they carried with them not just memories but a deeper connection to their faith and a commitment to living out its principles in their daily lives as: “Pilgrims and Prophets of Paschal Hope”.

Sr. Divya CHOWRAPPA - Madurai Province
Sr. Abisha JOHN-Trichy Province

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