Our Presence

‘Animated by the apostolic zeal of the Founders, in less than 50 years after the foundation of our Congregation, the Sisters of the Cross, with undaunted courage, crossed frontiers to respond to the calls of the Church in Switzerland and India.

The spirit of venturing forth to proclaim the Good News to unknown countries, particularly in Africa and Latin America, continued throughout the 20th century. Today we are present in 15 countries on 4 continents. Living together in international communities, sharing the richness of various cultures and getting involved in the concerns of the people in different nations, is a sign of the reign of God in the world.

“We look upon humanity and the entire creation with love, respect and hope, trying to find there in the Father’s love which is always at work.” (ROL 2)

The year of Foundation

France 1838
Switzerland 1862
India 1886
Sri Lanka 1951
Congo 1958
Tanzania 1979
Nepal 1985
Holy Land 1986
Cameroun 1987
Peru 1989
Colombia 1996
Kenya 2000
United States 2002
Ecuador 2006
Uganda 2006

Presently we are 1387 sisters of 12 nationalities from 15 countries on 4 continents.