Holy Cross Sisters rush help in flood ravaged Assam

12 August 2019

The Monsoon rainfall wreaked havoc in most districts of Assam. During the rainy season the mighty river Brahmaputra swells up every year. It flows above the danger line this year. No one knows the exact loss of Human lives as there is no concise report. It is estimated over 81 lives lost in the rising waters across the state.

WDC, the Social Work Wing of the Province actively involved itself in the flood relief. With the help of CRS India, in the 1st phase 1000 families were supported with tarpaulin, ropes, sleeping mats, buckets, plastic ladles and mugs, washing and bathing soaps, mosquito nets, torch lights etc. with the help of the CRS –Emergency flood response –Rs. 68,53,250/-by MACP FUND and in the second phase 2,750 families were helped . In the Manaha panchayat in Morigaon district, a major flood prone area and being built up by WDC year after year was the worst hit district by this flood.

It is also fortunate that from HR. Business Partners, Romboll India Pvt. Ltd Gurgaon 122 002 came up with the help for 500 families in Lakhimpur Dist. Narayanpur through WDC. The families are helped with water filters, mosquito nets, bathing soaps, washing soaps, sanitary pads for women, Tarpaulin for roofing, Baby Nestle-Baby food and carpets to sleep.

Fifteen of our Junior sisters accompanied by Sr. Madona Victor, Junior Mistress and Sr. Sheelarani visited the camps in Nalbari Ditrict, near our community Bijni. The children of these camps were brought to Jesus Mary School and sisters gave them bath, fed them and organized some sports and games as well as taught them action songs. The young sisters cherish the time they interacted with the people in camps, listening to the victims of flood and spending some precious moments with the children who were really gloomy looking at the flood as it has stolen away their happiness.

Almost all our communities visited the villages affected by the flood. Now the Government and the NGOs have rushed to the spots. In a few days everything will be done. Caritas is doing a good job. Srs. Annie and Betsy also placed the flood issue in Misereor and Missio. Missio Aachen has promised some help for the reconstruction of houses. Guwahati Province has a fund, though small, raised for Natural Disasters. At the end when all agencies disappear from the scene there will still be some poor families which may need help, we shall make a study and will  help them out.

Sr. Annie Varghese

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