Towards Nutrition wellness

08 March 2020

The sun is shining over the tribal women of Matru Schaya Social Centre. The year 2020 March we had a big dream of bringing women of 16 tribal villages together for a sharing and exchanging their joys and developments. But the year turned out to be the year of CORONA, paralyzing the entire situation, programs, killing the enthusiasm of everyone. Yet Matru Schaya Social Centre ventured to have a little gathering of women in Chandpur village on 6th March and in Matru Schaya on 7th March. To our surprise 348 women participated in the program in spite of the CORONA NEWS in Air all over.

From Agriculture to healthy food and from healthy food to wellness. It was also meant to give the message of healthy living at their own efforts. 28 women proved themselves ready for the challenge and came forward and spoke for 4 minutes each how well they are prepared for organic farming and undo the chemical farming and its ill effects.

6 of them could specify clearly and by overtaking the others won the prizes. 22 of them were not turned out disappointed but were appreciated their efforts, valuable thoughts, determination and coming in forefront of the society in the development ladder. So they were also given prizes.  

The SHG women were invited to put up four stalls of nutritious homemade meals as an exposure for the others and to earn something for themselves. This way we shot two birds at a time to deepen the knowledge and experiences of the tribal women's learning and developmental life.

The entire program ended by 5.30 pm with total participation of women. Definitely they will savor the experience of this day and attribute it into their lifestyle.

Sr. Sangeeta Pereira



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