Quotes of Mother Claudine

  • “Mother Claudine applied herself constantly, to reproduce the life, the works and the virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ.” F.A. Vol. I, p 300, para 3, 2nd line
  • “It is the good God who directs my path. It is for that I obey, but occasions for dissipation will not be wanting.” F.A. Vol. I, p 68, para 3, 6th line
  • “She was happy when she lacked everything, because she could count on divine providence.” F.A. Vol. I, p 304, para 4, 6th line
  • “Her only preoccupation was to know the will of God for her and accomplish it.” F.A. Vol. I p 54, para 3, last line
  • “Her only aim was always to secure the glory of God and the salvation of souls by her good example and edifying words.” F.A. Vol. I p 91, para 3, 3rd line

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